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The Founding of Visionaddie Kids

In late 2023, Visionaddie Kids was founded by Siaddie Visions.

Visionaddie Kids is a sub-branch of Visionaddie solely for kids under the age of twelve. Activity books, Coloring Books, Story Books, Picture books and so much more will be launched soon!

Visionaddie Kids

In celebration of the creation of Visionaddie Kids, Siaddie released her first official kid's book 'Sir Cotton Wotton Puff Tail'

sir cotton wotton puff tail

This is an exciting book of colors for your kids ages 2-5. Perfect for parents of young kids who are at the beginning stage of learning different colors.

After finding several colorful stones, Nate, Charmy, and Annie don’t know their colors. Only one person can help, and that’s Sir Cotton Wotton Puff Tail. Join Sir Cotton Tail and friends on a quest to learn different colors.


Visit Visionaddie's official, subscribe, and stay updated on the latest releases!

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