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  • Illustrating and Publishing a Children's Book- How to do it

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission if you purchase through links. This is my version of how I created my first kid's book 'Sir Cotton Wotton Puff Tail: Colors' as an artist and writer. Hey, my name's Siaddie, and I mostly create web comics and manga, also I have plenty of novels in work that should've been published by now. But aside from that, here are the steps I took when I was creating my kid's book. Purchase my book 'Sir Cotton Wotton Puff Tail: Colors BUY HERE 1 Get the story together Okay, so here we are. Remember when it comes to writing for kids everything is entirely different, especially the age range. There's much information online about the different age ranges in kid's books. I advise you to be sure to do your research before getting started. My target age for my book was ages 2-5. What I did was create a quick draft of my story, then finalize everything in Microsoft Word. 2 Book Size The next thing I did was decide which platform I was going with so I can know what book size the printing company works best with. Always do this first because everyone's printing requirement is different unless you don't mind making adjustments later to fit requirements. 3 Purchase ISBN After completing the story phase, I purchase my ISBNs. You can purchase ISBN from your local agency. All ISBNs come from Bowker. 4 Storyboards I'm all about planning beforehand. So now that I have my story at hand, I began doing my storyboards- a tip to every artist who loves writing is to always plan your story using quick sketches, just to get a grasp of what you want on each page which helps a lot. Storyboards are very important, never leave this out. Here are some drawing tools you'll need: Tablet with pen Drawing app (I use Clip Studio Paint), for artists on a budget you can use Medibang Paint which is free, and Procreate which is only 9.99. Be sure to take a look at tutorials on YouTube to familiarize yourself and understand how the program works. 5 Drawing Phase This phase was the longest. Although the pages were simple, It took me around four months to complete all pages. I created all my drawings in Clip Studio Paint. 6 Formatting & Editing You can choose to self-edit or have a professional edit your book. My book was simple so I carefully self-edited my book, then had a friend backcheck for errors. 7 Publishing When I was finally done with formatting, I uploaded my book to Amazon KDP and now my book is set and ready to purchase. 8 Marketing Now that your book is published, it's time for marketing.

  • The Founding of Visionaddie Kids

    In late 2023, Visionaddie Kids was founded by Siaddie Visions. Visionaddie Kids is a sub-branch of Visionaddie solely for kids under the age of twelve. Activity books, Coloring Books, Story Books, Picture books and so much more will be launched soon! In celebration of the creation of Visionaddie Kids, Siaddie released her first official kid's book 'Sir Cotton Wotton Puff Tail' This is an exciting book of colors for your kids ages 2-5. Perfect for parents of young kids who are at the beginning stage of learning different colors. After finding several colorful stones, Nate, Charmy, and Annie don’t know their colors. Only one person can help, and that’s Sir Cotton Wotton Puff Tail. Join Sir Cotton Tail and friends on a quest to learn different colors. Collect this amazing book now! Visit Visionaddie's official, subscribe, and stay updated on the latest releases!

  • How to use 3D Background for Webtoon

    Let's start by saying, that using 3D background to create a webtoon makes creating less complicated. Instead of spending hours on a single background, that time can be narrowed to minutes by simply using 3D backgrounds. In case you have no idea where to get 3D backgrounds, I suggest you visit this article on where to find 3D backgrounds: Where to get 3D backgrounds for Webtoon How to use 3D Backgrounds For Webtoon Before we begin, all drawings are done using the program Clip Studio Paint. So you have now got hands-on 3D backgrounds but don't understand how to edit and gain that natural feel when editing background, Here's how: 1. ) Understand Correct Orientation Where or how background should be placed behind drawings. Backgrounds can be added before or after rough sketches, but I prefer to add backgrounds first to understand how or where I want characters to be drawn. From there I lower the background capacity and begin sketching, line art, and then adding flat colors. 2.) Shadows & Lighting Before the final detail is added, I usually add effects to the background and then determine the type of lighting and shadows to be added to the drawing. In the background, shadows, and lighting are added in appropriate areas using a soft brush. 3.) Add Effects Moving onto effects, if the character is in action (moving), you can blur the background to express movement within the panel. To do this, go to filter, select blur tool, and choose how strong you require the blur effect. And you can also choose the direction of the blur effect. My Official Web Comics Program I use to Create my Manga: Clip Studio Paint Other Comic Tips: Manga Reading Direction Webtoon Advice for New Creators Best Tools used to Draw Manga For more Creator Tips, visit

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  • Visionaddie

    RELAUNCH! What would you do if you're boyfriend joined your cheer team? ​ Series available NOW! READ NOW Books, Series & One Shots Read Visionaddie Comics, Series and One Shots today! ​ The Founder & Creator The creative journey began in 2012 where she set upon her artistic journey. After graduating high school in 2013, she developed a love for animation, art, and writing, from there her creative aesthetics were combined producing comics and novels. SEE MORE Dive into details and Improve Your Skills with Visionaddie's CREATOR TIPS What you will learn: The aspects of art, whether it's writing, drawing, or animating, Visionaddie covers all. You will learn how to improve your creative skills and many more. ​ WRITING COMIC PROGRAMS & TOOLS DRAWING PUBLISHING EDITING REVIEWS Manga, web comics, layouts, sizes, lettering, chapters Featured Blogs Best Tools used to Draw Manga These days digital art have been taking over but some artist rather stick to the traditional way by drawing, and that's by doing everything How much Pages a Manga Chapter Should have A manga chapter can range from anywhere between 15- 50+ pages, if not more. There are two differences which solely depends on how or where y Webtoon Advice for New Creators As a new webtoon creator, it is a bonus to understand how to properly create your webtoon. This article will teach you the basic aspects you Latest News! The Founding of Visionaddie Kids Visionaddie Kids is a sub-branch of Visionaddie solely for kids under the age of twelve. Activity books, Coloring Books, Story Books, Pictur Contra Loves Stella Official Relaunch! Series first launched on Webtoon Canvas August 9th 2021. The creator began posting the story for fun on the platform Webtoon on a weekly bas Celebrate the Launch of Visionaddie's Official Website Visionaddie is an Art and Entertainment platform for all work created by A. E. Merchant, founder and creator. Recent Release Nov 25, 2023 The Founding of Visionaddie Kids Aug 26, 2023 How to use 3D Background for Webtoon Jul 31, 2023 Chapter 1- Eyes Sighted Beauty Jul 24, 2023 Where to Publish Comics Online for Free- Comic Websites Jun 16, 2023 How to Grow your Webtoon 1 2 3

  • Gallery | Art by Visionaddie

    Welcome to the Gallery of Siaddie Visions Whatever you fear in reality impacts your dreams~ Addie views art as a medium of escape that displays VISIONS, EMOTIONS, and DREAMS. Art brings forth freedom in a world of creativity where the imagination is allowed to run wild. ​ The Creative Gallery background cartoon digital art pen pencil sketch 1 1 ... 1 ... 1

  • Forum | Visionaddie

    To see this working, head to your live site. All Posts Categories My Posts Login / Sign up The Visionaddie Forum Welcome to Visionaddie Forum! Have a look around and join the discussions. Sort by: Most Reactions Follow All Categories Create New Post Comments Views Recent Activity Item option menu Forum rules Siaddie Visions · General Discussion 0 0 Oct 26, 2021 Forum - Frameless

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  • How to Create a Kids Book

    Learn how to create manga from start to finish. In this course you will learn of all tools and steps used to create manga, where to publish and many more.

  • Step 1

    Break down your content into manageable steps. Use videos, images, and text to explain your main points, and set clear expectations and goals. You can also include files and audio as additional resources. Consider adding a questionnaire to ask participants what they hope to take away from the experience, or a quiz to test their understanding before getting started.

  • Introduction

    Start off your program by giving some basic information about what participants can expect to learn. Introduce the topic and provide a basic outline of what's to come using videos, images, and text.

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