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How much Pages a Manga Chapter Should have

How much Pages a Manga Chapter Should have 5

Many of us wants to create manga but want to do it correctly. If you are confused with how much pages a manga chapter should have, then continue reading.

A manga chapter can range from anywhere between 15- 50+ pages, if not more. There are two differences which solely depends on how or where your manga is being published.



Mangas published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine pages are anywhere between 18- 20 pages per chapter. Usually the first chapter is normally longer, anywhere around 45+ pages. For example: Naruto, My Hero Academia, Jujutsu and One Piece.


Mangas released on a monthly basis pages range from 45- 50+ pages per chapter. Majority of the times, these are usually more gore and explicit which are for readers 18+. For example: Attack on Titan, Berserk and Tokyo Ghoul.


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