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Webtoon Advice for New Creators

Webtoon Advice for New Creators

As a new webtoon creator, it is a bonus to understand how to properly create your webtoon. This article will teach you the basic aspects you should know as a new creator before publishing your series.


Finish your Story

Before you begin drawing, It is important to finish your story or at least one season is complete before you begin drawing.

Webtoon Advice for New Creators

Tackle the Proper Layout

Webtoon is read vertically, and because of this, the placement of panels, speech bubbles, and pacing play a big role. Having the proper layout makes work look more uniform.

Have a Few Episodes Ready

Before you publish, have a few episodes/chapters ready. It is easier to plan than to rush each time to meet the deadline. Perhaps at least three episodes should be done when you begin uploading series on Webtoon, where readers would more likely be interested in the plot that's being told so far which will give them the desire to click the subscribe button. Webtoon also prompts users to subscribe to the series after they've read the first three episodes.

Choose a Publishing Date

This can either be weekly, biweekly, or monthly, rather than choosing a random date and uploading whenever you feel like isn't the best way to go. Choose your publishing date and stick with it, you can even schedule chapters which makes your job easier.


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