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Where to get 3D Backgrounds for Webtoon

Redrawing webtoon backgrounds can be hassling and time-consuming. Many creators make their work super easy by using 3D assets (for poses, objects, and backgrounds). This way creators don't have to be redrawing backgrounds constantly.

Where you can find 3D assets to use as a Webtoon Creator:

3D Warehouse

Where to get 3D Backgrounds for Webtoon

3D warehouse is a free online platform for 3D models that users can use for free. All you have to do is create an account, search for a design that fits your story, and hit the download button. You can now edit the design using the program SketchUp.


Where to get 3D Backgrounds for Webtoon

With 3D Warehouse comes Sketchup. Be sure to have the program SketchUp installed on your computer so you can edit, adjust, change, or remove whatever you don't need. SketchUp is an amazing program to have as a webtoon creator if you don't want to be redrawing your webtoon backgrounds repeatedly.

Clip Studio Assets

Where to get 3D Backgrounds for Webtoon

The Clip Studio Paint program comes with free 3D assets that can be used to design backgrounds. You can also download other 3D assets from the Clip Studio Assets website.


Where to get 3D Backgrounds for Webtoon

Unlike 3D warehouse, assets on this platform are not free. Acon3D is amazing when it comes to finding a background that fits your story, and pricing is cheap. I would recommend this platform to creators who are looking to start a webcomic and are in search of 3D backgrounds to make work easier.


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