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How to use 3D Background for Webtoon

Let's start by saying, that using 3D background to create a webtoon makes creating less complicated. Instead of spending hours on a single background, that time can be narrowed to minutes by simply using 3D backgrounds.

In case you have no idea where to get 3D backgrounds, I suggest you visit this article on where to find 3D backgrounds:

How to used 3D backgrounds


How to use 3D Backgrounds For Webtoon

Before we begin, all drawings are done using the program Clip Studio Paint.

So you have now got hands-on 3D backgrounds but don't understand how to edit and gain that natural feel when editing background, Here's how:

How to used 3D backgrounds

1. ) Understand Correct Orientation

Where or how background should be placed behind drawings. Backgrounds can be added before or after rough sketches, but I prefer to add backgrounds first to understand how or where I want characters to be drawn. From there I lower the background capacity and begin sketching, line art, and then adding flat colors.

2.) Shadows & Lighting

Before the final detail is added, I usually add effects to the background and then determine the type of lighting and shadows to be added to the drawing. In the background, shadows, and lighting are added in appropriate areas using a soft brush.

How to used 3D backgrounds

3.) Add Effects

Moving onto effects, if the character is in action (moving), you can blur the background to express movement within the panel. To do this, go to filter, select blur tool, and choose how strong you require the blur effect. And you can also choose the direction of the blur effect.

How to used 3D backgrounds


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