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How to Grow your Webtoon

how to grow your webtoon

Growing your webtoon can be difficult, sometimes the cause can be grammatical errors, art style, or readers just might not find your story interesting. Some comic takes years before getting recognition, while some have more rapid growth due to good advertisement and collaborations. The key is to have patience with your work. In this article, there are various ways listed on how you can grow your webtoon.


Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaborating with other webtoon canvas creators is a great way to boost your traffic growth. This is when webtoon creators share each other's comic at the end of their episode/chapter during a set release date, this will lead some of their traffic back to your comic.

Where to seek collaborations?

Creators usually seek collaboration by posting in groups on Facebook, Discord, Reddit, and other platforms seeking participants to join in on collaboration.

How to Grow your Webtoon

Promote Webtoon via Social Media

It's very simple, if you want your webtoon to grow, promoting it on social media is a MUST. Avoid placing eggs in one basket promoting work on solely one platform.

Choose platforms of your choice and start promoting work at least three times a week or even daily. A few platforms you can promote your work on are TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit.

How to Grow your Webtoon

Join Groups/ Online Communities

Another good way to grow your webtoon is by joining online communities like Discord. These groups consist of many other creators who may like your work and boost your chances of them sharing your work. Discord is a huge benefit where lots of creators are online often supporting each other.

Don't be Afraid to Make Friends

The only person who understands a creator is another creator.

Other creators will find your work interesting giving you the motivation to stay committed. This doesn't necessarily mean that they should or will promote your comic but the support and motivation go a long way.

How to Grow your Webtoon


Spread the word. If you're down and serious about growing your comic, you can always pay a creative influencer or a bigger webtoon creator to promote your work. This is one of the best ways to grow, but be sure you can afford it.


Not everyone will support your work. Promoting your work may come with certain discouragements like: your comic being ignored, getting down rated by other creators. But henceforth, positivity is what matters most, every creation comes with supporters. Create because you love what you do, continue sharing your work, and it encourage others to do so.


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